Capaltec Limited is a dynamic new force in the field of novel measurement technologies and products. Our objective is to invent or identify innovations and intellectual property; use our financial and technical expertise to support them through development; and then apply our sales and marketing experience to ensure successful commercialisation. We have an interest in both professional and consumer markets.

Our first revolutionary measurement technology is called HeightLight. It’s a completely new way to measure the height of everyday objects. We invented it and have filed a range of patents based upon it, with more to come later this year. The first device based upon the technology will be launched later this year, and will be followed by a family of devices based on the HeightLight platform. To find out more about this, click here.

Tristan Brittain-Dissont is a Founder Director and the Chief Executive Officer of Capaltec. After ten years in the pharmaceutical industry, he began managing venture capital funds in 2003, focusing upon start-ups with innovative technologies. He has managed over 50 investments into companies and served as a senior executive, board director or advisor in multiple public and private companies in the US, Europe and Asia.

Michael Grace is a Founder Director of Capaltec and the co-inventor of the HeightLight technology. He is a prominent stud farmer based in Ireland who has operated a successful equestrian, beef and tillage business for more than 20 years. He is a former Chairperson of the Irish Pony Society (IPS), and is a current member of the Horse Sport Ireland Breeding Sub-committee.

Philip Brown is our Product Development Director. A graduate in Theoretical Physics, he spent 29 years with Philips Electronics working as a Production Engineer in high volume manufacturing and European Quality Manager for the television tube division. For several years he managed the Product Introduction team, developing and launching new products across four continents. He is a Six-Sigma manufacturing and quality expert.

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